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Large Turquoise Stone Silver Contemporary Basket Setting for Statement Ring.

Designer: Metal Dance Jewelry




This awesome large handmade turquoise contemporary basket set, adjustable ring is a one of a kind statement ring. Hand made from sustainably sourced sterling silver,  (recycled) 

.925 in refinery. 


This ring measures approx 1.25" X1.4" and the tapered band is sized at a size 7.0 but can be adjusted to size 8.0 carefully. If you send me your size I will do it before I ship. 


The turquoise stone is a gorgeous hue of blue green and the stone is a rough cut with the dome of turquoise set into the basket beneath. 

The color was too beautiful to set with the dome facing up. 


This ring definitely deserves to be worn by someone who is a one of a kind woman and who doesn't mind attracting a little attention.   It is creatively prong set in the most untraditional manner is secure in the setting. 


Turquoise is a stone which is delicate and softer than sapphires and diamonds. Keep this in mind as it would not be a good choice if you were planning to spend the day breaking up cement with a jack hammer.  For regular wear at work or out for the day/evening, it should be perfect. 


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