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Koraiyu Turquoise Earrings

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Turquoise Coral Earrings/ Lone Mountain Turquoise/ Post Earrings/ Coral Branch Earrings/ Nautical Earrings/ Ocean Inspired/ Sterling Silver
~ The Koraiyu earrings ~

Two teeny natural Lone Mountain turquoise cabs sit on top of a web of silver coral branches and aquatic bubbles. The silver coral branches are lightly oxidized around the cabs to provide contrast.

The Koraiyu earrings are entirely crafted from Sterling silver sheet which has been hand pierced, filed, sanded, soldered, lightly oxidized, pumiced and polished. They are part of a series inspired by the world under the sea.

The face of the earrings is roughly 15mm across. The turquoise cabs are approx 7mm x 6mm.
~ Natural Lone Mountain turquoise
~ Sterling silver

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