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Handmade Tufa Casted Natural Green Kingman Turquoise Double headed Serpent Keeper Naja pendant

Designer: Spirit Treasures



Very proud and excited to present to your our new Tufa casted Naja serpent keeper Naja design! The Naja (pronounced Na-ha) is one of the most recognizable styles of Native American jewelry. This symbol has deep beautiful history and is a symbol of good luck and protection from the evil eye. We added our own twist to one of our favorite and inspiration form of Native American artwork. We carefully hand carved our design into a block of tufa (volcanic rock) over the span of a few days. Then melted down silver and poured it into our mold. The mold can only be used once, due to the softness of the stone, so each piece is truly one of a kind. The snake is a symbol of rebirth and transformation. This is a unique and powerful piece that we are proud of.

This piece has a beautiful Natural green Kingman turquoise in the center to flow with the reptilian vibes. Chain is not included, but if you need one feel free to contact us and we will add one to your order. Chains available in 16"-30".


Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions :)


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