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Custom Made Turquoise Shield Ring

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Beautifully handmade Natural Turquoise 925 Sterling Silver Ring. Thick band with hand picked centre stone. 
Custom made to order so your stone will be perfectly unique.  Please note that the character of the stone may vary as no to natural turquoise stones are the same. Last pic is from our current stash of stones. If you’d like more green or blue, mention that in the comments in order and we’ll do our best to match your request! ;) {all the stones are really beautiful, you won’t be disappointed ;)
Turquoise is known as a truth stone as it assists in communicating the truth and articulating ones inner wisdom. It dispels negative energy, balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilizes mood swings, dissolves self sabotage, allows self expression and instills inner calm. The Shaman wore it due its power to guide and protect. When navigating the exciting unknown, let turquoise keep you safe. Blue Wind Spiderweb Turquoise is one of the finest turquoises. 
~ Pure 925 Sterling Silver
~ Natural Turquoise Stone
3 - 10 working days
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