How exactly does all this work?

We operate similar to an etsy site, bringing together artists, movers and shakers to form an online marketplace dedicated to (predominantly) TURQUOISE with various stores and sellers from around the globe. Each person and store has been either personally invited or accepted, most of which we’ve been forming epic friendships with for several years via our The Turquoise Over Diamonds Instagram page!

Each seller has their own terms and conditions as well as postage costs and transit times, all of which will be noted on the individual pages and listings.

Your transactions will show up together upon checkout, divided into sellers and you’ll be able to pay together in the one transaction rather than checking out with each separately. This makes the process super easy as it streamlines the checkout process.


What currency are your prices in? How do you accept payment?

Our standard currency online is noted in USD but there is also a currency converter application online in the top right hand corner of the site. If your currency is not noted, we recommend googling for the current exchange rate.

We accept PayPal and online credit card payments.


When and how will I get my items?

Each seller is responsible for shipping your items and each has their own shipping costs and time frames they adhere by. These will all be clearly noted on the individual listings, stores and upon checkout. Currently, most of our sellers are based in the USA so this will be reflected in postage costs and times. If you’re in the US, lucky you!

Oh, and thats not to say we don’t have artists from other countries but we probably need more!

(If that means YOU, hit us up!)


I have a problem with my order! Who can I contact?

You will contact the artist directly through your account online or via links sent to you in your email upon shipping. If you’re finding it hard to navigate, we’re happy to forward any initial correspondence for you to the seller. You can though find all profiles and details with a simple search through our webpage & this will definitely be the best and most efficient way to communicate. Links will show directly from all individual stores and too show up in your order confirmation in both your account and cart.


Why do you sell other items bar turquoise?

Initially, wanting to create a turquoise only marketplace, we had endeavour to keep all our listings to cater to the cult BUT realising that a lot of our members also sell other goods, with many wanting to establish this site as their main trading place, we found it not just necessary but also a pretty cool addition to the initial planning.

We are turquoise addicts BUT theres always space (and limbs) for other awesome pieces so we don’t discriminate.

(too much)

You will find though that the majority of our items are indeed turquoise! 


I want IN! How can I become a seller?

We are always on the hunt for new artists and sellers to welcome into our Marketplace. If you’ve got yourself a wicked turquoise stash; vintage or handmade, and think that our Marketplace is the right fit for you, we’d love to hear from you & welcome you to our gang! Drop us a line and include a little about your store, your current website and social media pages. We’ll endeavour to get back to you within 72 hours.


What kind of fees do you charge for sellers?

We are working on both a commission and membership fee structure at the moment.

Drop us a line to hear full terms and conditions and see what you think!