We stand for badass humans doing badass things!
...and this starts with EPIC TURQUOISE!! 
We stand for artists making what they love
- what they DO!  
We stand for creating an awesome platform to bring together all your favourite handmade things. 
We stand in giving awesome customer service, even when we dont have all the answers.
We want you have the BEST experience purchasing from our store that you wish all your shopping experiences were so damn good- even if you did just have to wait 4 weeks for that bag to get handmade and sent from Australia, or those earrings made from that badass silversmith in her Cali workshop, or that cuff put together in a long labour of love from those 2 artists, working together under the Indonesian sun.
We've really taken a step back lately to look into our own shortcomings in communication and we are commited to work on them- daily, to give you guys; our customers, the very best possible experience when you buy from us.
You freakin deserve it! 
And you know what else we believe in...
We believe its time for us to give back!
.... and here's where OneTreePlanted.Org steps in.
(Spoiler alert: Buying Turquoise = Planting Trees = 


As of today- July 29 2018- for every product sold online at Turquoise Over Diamonds, a tree will get planted as our pledge to OneTreePlanted.Org, a 50173C Non-Profit who's mission is to reforest the planet.... one tree at a time.
Ive included some info below about this organisation but firstly, can we just take a moment to think about the fact that trees in a forest can 'talk' and share nutrients through an underground 'internet' built by soil fungi!!! How cool is that?! These life givers means so much to this planet and without them, human life ceases to exist.
* Trees absorb CO2, removing and storing the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air.  In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the same amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles.
(Thats 41843km for my Aussies in the back row)
* In one year, an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.
(Thats about the size of my entire family. Thats pretty amazing!)
This is a huge deal to us and something Ive personally wanted to get involved in for many years now. OneTreePlanted enables us to do something meaningful, and measurable, for every purchase, without waiting til we're turning over big profits to make a difference. 
Thank you for being apart of this. Thank you for sharing our mission.
Thanks for reading this rambling. 
And thank you for loving turquoise (and trees!) as much as we do.
You rock! 


At the end of each month, we will calculate our total product sales (that means if you buy 3 products in the one order, that will contribute to 3 tree plantings) and donate directly to OneTreePlanted.Org. This will start at the end of August, 2018.


For more info relating to this project or any other questions/queries, dont hesitate to get in touch with us here. 


As we grow, we want to do more things to contribute to a better planet and a more sustainable and eco friendly business model. We're growing. We're learning. We're shifting. We're changing. 

And we're EXCITED! 

Turquoise Over Diamonds.
Every damn day 💪🏻


Pssst: Wondered how we operate?? 

 We not only run this awesome site that curates all your favourite finds, we devote our time, and reach through instagram, facebook and pinterest to promoting turquoise & handmade artists from around the world. 

Sometimes this brings people to our site, and out of them, some of them make a purchase through us. And on these transactions, we earn a commission.


Once you order from our site, your items are custom made (in most cases) and posted by the artists themselves! Not only does that mean we can bring together so many epic artist finds in the one place, but by removing some of the usual supplier-seller-buyer chain links, it means more money in the artists pockets for every purchase made AND means any excess waste produced from doubling up of transportation and packing resources while moving your pieces around the globe is eradicated!

By operating in this model, we get to do what we love by supporting others to do what they love- and help contrinute towards an awesome world. One with more turquoise and more trees!!! 


(We are always open to feedback and ways we can improve. If you have any feedback youd like to share or any 'get your shit together' pep talks for us,  please hit that 'contact us' tab at the bottom of the page. We're listening. We're here. We totally give a shit! And we're ready to be the best we can be, to give YOU the best experience you can possibly have at TOD!!)