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A: After Dark Designs ⊹ Amanda Faeslc ⊹ Artemis Adorned ⊹ A Wild Violet

B: Broken Pine Studio ⊹

C: Chicory & Sage  Chisai Designs 

D: Design By Bing 

E: Eclectic Bling Jewelry ⊹

F: Fox Silver 

H: House of Luna 

L: LLM Exclusive  Love Actually Jewelry  Lumenrose Jewelry 

M: Metal Dance Jewellery  Modeste Parisienne  Moon and Forge  Moon Spinner  Mud Lowery 

P: Pink Camel Boutique 

R: Raegan & Rose  Ramble on Silver 

S: Sandra Anne Designs  Shantique Designs ⊹ Spirit Treasures 

T: The Turquoise Forest  The Turquoise Gypsy 

V: Van Crafted Silver 

W: Weather Beaten Designs ⊹ Wolf Feathers ⊹



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