10 Turquoise Home Decor Ideas that'll BLOW YOUR MIND!

These last few weeks, other than adding a zillion new and ahhhhhmazing things to the Turquoise Over Diamonds marketplace, we've also been getting pretty into Pinterest and let it be known- we're freakin' loving it! 

Amongst all the albums we're curating, there's one that's become a bit of a fave for us and its dedicated to the best Turquoise Home Decor ideas we come across and today we wanted to share with you guys our top 10 most loved ideas for adding some Turquoise color to your home! No matter what your budget, your style, or what room you're thinking- we've got you sorted!  

Psst: we've tried crediting everyone where known but for the ones we couldn't trace back, we've just left the Pinterest link!

Styling by Maria Dyoniziak. Photography by Anson Smart.
Painted Turquoise Floors by Modern Masters
More fish scale tiles via Pinterest 
(cause seriously... OMFG!)
Turquoise Doors: such a simple way to add a splash of Turquoise to any room! Via Pinterest.
Kitchen splashbacks never looked so darn good!
Home by Builder Boy.

No easier way to add some Turquoise to your space than a rug and some chairs like this space styled by Sugar and Cloth.

Ummm... GET IN MY LIFE!!
Follow suit and add some turquoise to your stairs ala La Maison Blanche captured by Project Inspo.

Add a few rows of Turquoise tiling to your bathroom for a seriously WOWZA effect, like this space of Sara Toufali.

Hook yourself (and meeee!) up with an awesome Turquoise sofa!
(How comfy does that look!?)
Photo: KIP & CO.
And of course, nothing like a good ol' paint job to transform any space! 

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