No More: Defending The Status Quo

sta·tus quo

noun: the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues.
"they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo"



When confronted with a new idea, do you:
  • Consider the cost of switching before you consider the benefits.


  • Highlight the pain to a few instead of the benefits for the many?


  • Exaggerate how good things are now in order to reduce your fear of change?


  • Undercut the credibility, authority or experience of people behind the change?


  • Grab onto the rare thing that could go wrong instead of amplifying the likely thing that will go right?


  • Focus on short-term costs instead of long-term benefits, because the short-term is more vivid for you?


  • Fight to retain benefits and status earned only through tenure and longevity?


  • Embrace an instinct to accept consistent ongoing costs instead of swallowing a one-time expense?


  • Slow implementation and decision making down instead of speeding it up?


  • Embrace sunk costs?


  • Imagine that your competition is going to be as afraid of change as you are? Even the competition that hasn't entered the market yet and has nothing to lose…


  • Compare the best of what you have now with the possible worst of what a change might bring?
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