Welcome to our 'Meet the Maker' series; dedicated to the ~inspiring~ resident artists of Turquoise Over Diamonds -The Marketplace-

Since starting on Instagram 3 years ago, Ive come across so many crazily talented artists and Im always so interested to get a glimpse into their world, their art.. their heart. When I first started creating this marketplace a few months back, all I knew is that I wanted to create a place where all my favourite artists could come together and share the same platform for the foray of turquoise luxuries they create... a place where, in turn, us turquoise lovers could come and access these beautiful goods in the one place; the one home; the one marketplace.
If you've spent more than 2 seconds on the home page you'd have noticed THIS incredible image in the slideshow featuring a line up of what has become the best selling item in our marketplace since launch: 
These rings are custom made by Angela of The Turquoise Forest and after I received it in my inbox, proceeded to drool all over my screen and then blew up her email with letters proclaiming my love (love bombs are my jam!) this picture became so much more than a slideshow image to showcase one of our artists work, it became part of my vision for what this marketplace was about. I centred so much of the design around it and after months working on the site, every time I logged on Id feel so immensely proud of what I was creating and so immensely grateful for the people that, lets face it, I couldn't do a thing without! 
I couldn't think of a better person to start the 'Meet the Maker Series' with than Angela.
She's as (if not more) beautiful & inspiring as each of the dreamy pieces she creates. If you are aren't following this gal EVERYWHERE, you're missing out on not just some of THE most incredible designs that could possibly adorn your skin, but too some of the most beautiful imagery I have come across on Instagram.

Born and raised in South Western Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, Angela knew from a young age that she wanted to be an artist and fell in love with painting followed by jewelry designing. She started making jewelry when she was 16 years old after attending classes at 'The Bead Mine', a shop located in her home town where she learnt the jewelry techniques that began her foray in jewellery design. After beading for 10 years, Angela decided to take her craft to the next level with metalsmithing and took up classes locally at Sweetwater Center for the Arts for 2 years before building a studio in her home.   
"I really just wanted to expand my art and learn new jewelry techniques. I absolutely love it. I still pretty much consider myself a beginner when it comes to metal work. I mess up a lot, but I'm learning something new each day. I think that for me, the greatest thing about being a jewelry artist, or any kind of artist, is the initial idea. Often times I'll ponder about it for hours before I start creating. The vision has to be perfected in my mind first. Then I start." ~Angela

Angela's love for nature and her favorite color inspired the name {The Turquoise Forest}

In her free time she enjoys taking the time to explore the woods with her pup. She uses this time for solitude & meditation. She has always had a bohemian spirit stemming mostly from her multicultural background. Bright bold colors are totally her jam so if you're on the market for something BOLD and totally FREAKIN EPIC, I believe this is your gal!


10 Quick Q&A with Angela:

1. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Hard to pick just one place but lately I have been dying to see the Northern Lights so I'll have to say Iceland

2. 3 things on your bucket list! GO! 

Travel to Africa

Move to Cali

Open up a jewelry/ vintage goods shop

3. Who inspires you the most?

My dog. Her love for me and love for the people in my life is unreal

4. Whats your perfect Sunday look like?

Relaxing, drinking coffee and snuggling with my pup. & of course, GOT

5. Whats your best experience in business so far?

I think the best experience I have had since starting this business is being able to connect with so many other creative people from around the world.

6. Hardest thing about working for yourself? 

Doing. It. All. (I need a helper!)

7. Who or what is your go to when you’re seeking inspiration?

Although its been awhile, a trip to the woods always does the trick.

8: If you could tell your teenage self just one thing, what would it be?

I would say...

You might not believe it right now but this tragedy and pain that your going through will be the greatest gift that you will ever receive. 

9. Whats the last thing that made you laugh?

Watching the show Insecure on HBO

10. Words to live by: Listen to your heart


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