Welcome to our 'Meet the Maker' series; dedicated to the ~inspiring~ resident artists of Turquoise Over Diamonds -The Marketplace-
I still remember getting the first email of images from Annie in reply to my invite to the marketplace. I believe my jaw dropped- and I don't mean figuratively speaking, I mean mouth - literally - dropped.
If you haven't checked out Chicory & Sage already, you HAVE been missing out.
Annie Smith may sound like the name of a Saint but when I think of the owner of Chicory & Sage, the word 'BADASS' comes to mind- not just her jewels but also her vibe!
To me it means someone who 'takes life by the balls' (as us Aussies would call it), who isn't afraid to be themselves - isnt afraid to SHOW UP, put themselves out there, to 'own their shit', their quirks, their flaws, their beauty! 
THAT's a BADASS to me! 

If you were needing a quick pick me up with some girl power vibes packed in there for good measure, then peeps you've come to the right place.

World, let me introduce you to Annie of the legendary Chicory & Sage.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got started making jewellery? 

Hi y’all, I’m Annie, designer and artist behind Chicory & Sage. 

I’ve had a lifelong ambition to be a working artist.  Over the years I have supported myself with making hand died batik clothing, hemp and beaded jewelry, greeting cards from prints of my paintings and drawings, hand painted flower pots, signs and logos, and I’ve taught painting classes.  When I took a metalsmithing class, I completely fell in love with the entire craft. In 2007 I started my jewelry line Tarnished & True, where I offer sweet and simple customizable silver rings, as well as a bridal line in 14k gold.  Just this year I decided to launch Chicory & Sage, a bold Idaho inspired line, because I was really missing making large art pieces. 

How would you describe the ‘Chicory and Sage’ style? 

Growing up in Idaho, spending summers in Montana, and road tripping all over the western US, I’m a free spirit with western roots.  This reflects in my jewelry which can be described as hippie cowgirl, goddess warrior, and gypsy bohemian.

Your pieces and pics are pretty badass, how would you describe yourself in 10 words or less? 

I’m curiously brave, fiercely tenacious, and intensely creative.

What or who are your greatest inspirations?

I am inspired every day by my son and daughter, their creativity and huge hearts are such a gift. 


Being a one~woman~show, whats a typical ‘day in the life’ of you look like? 

No day is typical, and that is my favorite thing about owning my own business.  I own my life and my schedule.  I tend to binge work and binge play, so one day I may put in 12 hours in the studio filling orders or creating a large art piece.  Another day I might drive out of town and soak in a hot spring.

What advice would you give to artists wanting to pursue their dreams of turning their art into their business?

Keep making, every day, because every mistake, every creative moment is a building block to greater skill at your craft.

Where do you envisage your life and your business  in 10 years from now?

I’m currently renovating a 1956 Airstream Safari into a self sustained, solar powered jewelry studio.  I’d like to be able to travel with it and work remotely from anywhere in the country.

Whats the best advice you’ve ever received?

Do what you love.

If you could tell your younger self just 1 thing, what would it be?

You really can do whatever the fuck you want.

Quote to live by:

Love is the only engine of survival ~Leonard Cohen

10 Quick Questions:  

1) Favourite part of working for yourself? 

Making my own schedule, and sleeping in. 

2) Worst part of working for yourself? 

Managing all the finances.

3) Work/ Life balance: whats your thoughts? 

When you do what you love, it is easy to work too much- I find it helps to get out of town where I’m not tempted to sit down at my bench.  Getting away from the studio also offers inspiration for new work which is really important.

4) Best business moment? 

Making it as a full time jeweler.

5) Best LIFE memory?

Any time my kids were smiling.

6) How do you recharge/ relax?

Love getting out into nature whether it’s a day hike, a 20 mile backpack trip, snowshoeing, or heading out to the lake for a swim.  

7) 3 of your favourite things:

listening to music (always), cooking a meal with fresh veggies from the garden, and…turquoise! 

8) 3 of your pet hates:

stepping barefoot on saw blades in my studio (all. the. time.), brushing my hair (I have dreadlocks), playing monopoly.

9) What did your child self want to be when she grew up?

An Artist

10) And what do you think your child self would say to the adult version of YOU now?

Killing it!

(Id agree!)


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