Average Ring Size by Height and Weight?

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So, you have to get your partners ring size (on the down-low) and you're wondering if you can you tell a persons average ring size by height and weight.
The answer is:
both yes. And no.
Around the web, it’s fairly agreed upon that the average ring size for women sits at around size 6-7, with mean's around the 10-11 mark. After being in the jewelry game for years now I've had similar results to this article What is the Average Ring Size for Men & Women? with the best selling women's ring falling between 6-8, mostly size US 7, and men’s being a US size 10.
When you think that there's an average height and weight for a human (currently somewhere around 5’’4 for women and 5’’10 for men worldwide, Google tells me) you’d think we have a pretty good measure to go by to determine ring size based on weight and height but lets face it- hands and bodies are unique creatures. And just like you cant tell someones weight from looking at them thanks to body fat and muscle percentages, amongst other things, it can be tricky to judge hands in the same way.
You have long ones, skinny ones, big ones, little ones, big-knuckled ones, crooked ones, bony ones… and all the rest of the tweaks and twists and bits and bobs that make each human body so damn fascinating!
So what is the best way to secretly determine someone's ring size?
We’ve put together an awesome list to help you get your partners size without them knowing. We’re not going to bulk this article up with a zillion different ways that you'll never use, just the most practical and straightforward that will get you accurate results for purchasing your perfect size. For the sake of the article, we’re going to assume you're choosing for a female partner, but you'll find sneaky tactics no matter who you're shopping for.
1: Subtlety is key!
Alright, so if you're planning to propose or giving a present for an upcoming occasion, it's likely she'll have some idea what you're planning if you start snooping too much. We like the pointers in this article; How To Find Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing to pretend you're shopping for a friend/aunt/ niece/ any other human but her, and we'd also suggest you go a step further to remove yourself from the picture.
The more casual you'll sound- the better, so make sure to play it super coooooool! Try someone else as an example, such as ‘Bobs buying Jane a ring. He asked me for help with sizes…I had no idea what to tell him’. You’ll likely get a response with suggestions to get the size and if she’s feeling talkative, she’ll likely mention her own ring size as an example. Make a note of this and bam, finito!
Try vague questions like ‘so whats the average size then?’, ‘how is anyone meant to tell?’ etc.
2: Ask around!
Confide in the people closest to her. Think Mum, sister, best friend. Perhaps they’ve swapped rings before or have already purchased her jewelry and know her size. Us women know a lot about each other!
Alternatively, and a really damn good idea- is to ask a friend to arrange a trip to a jewelry store saying that they want to buy themselves a ring and encourage that they get sized while they're there. It'll be easy to suggest they do the same while they're there and then your sneaky sidekick can come home to report the findings. Obviously, a professional appraisal is your most reliable so this is especially great if you don't want to take chances!
3: Borrow one of hers.
Find a ring that she wears , idealy on that finger and measure it while she's asleep. You can easily find ring sizes by measuring the diameter of an existing band, just google a size chart on google like this International Ring Size Conversion Chartbring out the tape measure and measure inside the band.
If you can smuggle it for a little longer, take it to your local jeweler and get it sized -usally for free! If you're super strapped for time, put it on one of your fingers, mark with a pen where it sits and head to your local jeweler. You should be able to get a pretty accurate measurement this way with little trouble.
NOTE: Thicker banded rings will have a snugger fit than wider bands and vice verser. Mark the size at the bottom of the ring, rather than the top. This will give you an accurate reading no matter what size band you're going for.
4: Thrill Seeker:
If you're feeling particularly adventurous, and your partner is a deep sleeper, then this one's for you! Simply, wait till she’s asleep and take a piece of string or dental floss and wrap it around their finger. Mark the end with your nail so it's accurate and compare it next to a ruler or measuring tape. Remember, you want it to also fit over the knuckle so don't go too tight! If she wakes up midway, drop the string, kiss her hand and ABORT MISSION!
5: Ignore all of the above.
If you read all this list and thought you're just going to stick with your original game plan (and you're then hell, who are we to stop you?!
The best tip we can give is to do some quick study of the hands around you- starting with your own.
You might find that you have a similar size finger as her once you really start taking notice. Maybe you have a small band you could wear and have her try on and take note how and where it fits. 
Otherwise, ask around to the people closest to you. If you're picking for a woman, ask other women their ring size, and if you're buying for a man, do the same. See what correlations you make between body size and weight and you'll start getting good indicators to add to your guestimation equations.


Final note: GO UP!
Most rings can be resized by a professional. If in doubt, we’d suggest going up in size rather than down as it'll be a lot easier to resize that way! 
(PS: Nearly all of our rings can be custom made to size here at Turquoise Over Diamonds!




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